Safety Trainers

Our range of safety trainers make it easy to go the extra mile. Featuring lightweight and strong Infinergy® technology as well as WOW/WOW2 insoles, the footwear in this collection provides protection, comfort, and support all day long.

Safety trainers should be robust, protect the feet, and offer lightweight construction for all-day wear. For this reason, our trainers feature innovative technologies to protect workers in a variety of industrial environments, including logistics, warehouse operations, and engineering settings.

Some lines feature Infinergy® technology that gives shoes a wear-resistant insole providing substantial energy return while readily absorbing heavy load impacts. Thanks to its use of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), the material combines strength, lightness and flexibility in a single product for remarkable efficiency.

WOW and WOW2 insoles improve comfort even further. WOW features planar arch structures made of BASF DYNAMIC compound that morphs to the shape of the wearer's foot, distributing weight more evenly over the sole for greater comfort. Perceived soreness and tiredness at the end of shifts reduce, and the wearer’s feet feel supported during long periods. WOW2 builds on the innovations of WOW. These insoles feature two elements: a BASF compound insert with guaranteed anti-fatigue properties for relieving stress from operating fixed workstations and a self-moulding compound for dynamic movement situations.

Trainers in our range feature metallic, non-metallic, or polycarbonate toe caps. Further technologies include PUTEK fabric uppers, a lightweight yet durable material ideal for warehouse workers, and breathable midsoles for sweat-wicking and improved hygiene.

Our safety trainers are available in a range of sizes and styles for both men and women.