U-Power Raptor Safety Trainers



Your safety in the workplace is top of our list of priorities, which is we have the U-Power Raptor Safety Trainer available in a wide variety of sizes. These safety trainers are specially crafted to protect your feet while providing the support you need throughout the day.

They have an Infinergy sole system, which provides comfortable cushioning and helps you to maintain healthy stress levels. They also provide anti-fatigue technology and can help to reduce your chances of developing musculoskeletal disorders as a direct result of your work.

Lightweight, these safety trainers are ideal for any environment, allowing you to complete the tasks you need without weighing you down or leaving you tired and aching at the end of your shift. They have an Wingtex breathable air tunnel lining for coolness and ventilation, plus a composite midsole known as a WOW insole.

The WOW insole is self modelling with a plantar arch structure, which provides greater comfort and promotes prolonged wellbeing. They help better distribute your body weight over your feet which is an absolute essential in more manual roles.

Perhaps most importantly, they feature an impressive, AirToe aluminium toe cap. This allows for foot protection while reducing the overall weight of the shoe, maintaining its simple usability.

  • Wingtex breathable air tunnel lining
  • AirToe aluminium safety toe cap
  • Save & Flex PLUS composite midsole
  • PU Infinergy & WOW insole