Body Fluid Disposal Kit 5 Application



Everything needed to clean up small body spills of blood, faeces, urine and vomit. Follow the steps below to minimise the risk of biological contamination.

Step 1 - put on protective clothing, apron and gloves

Step 2 - sprinkle the absorbent granules over the spill area and wait for the gel to form

Step 3 - remove the gel using the scoop and scraper and place in the biohazard waste bag

Step 4 - spray area with disinfectant, clean with the dry wipe and place in the biohazard bag

Step 5 - remove the apron and the gloves and place in the biohazard bag

Step 6 - wipe hands using the disinfectant wipe, place in the waste bad and dispose on bag in accord with local regulations