EVO Recycled Absorbent Pads


Soak up common, non-hazardous liquids quickly and easily with EVO Recycled General Purpose absorbent pads. They are ideal for cleaning up fluids safely and efficiently without resorting to loose granular absorbents, often the cause of contamination and difficult to clean up. The material’s strong wicking action draws liquid in making full use of each pad, maximizing cost effectiveness.
  • Manufactured from 85% recycled natural fibres
  • Sustainable
  • Higher capacity than comparable polypropylene absorbents
  • Greater fluid retention avoids secondary contamination during clean up
  • More cost-effective
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Ideal for companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact
  • Can be used in all sectors of industry to absorb hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, coolant, fuels, and mild acids
  • Absorbs 130L

Packed in bags of 100 pads